• Unlock your value

    We’re trying to change the world.
    And we need your help.

  • You’re really valuable as a customer. Everyone wants you.

    But that attracts the bad guys, the global data companies. They secretly track you online and creepily learn all about you. They then bombard you with adverts for stuff you don’t need from brands you don’t like. They get rich by doing it. You just get annoyed.

    We think that’s wrong and we want to put it right. Will you help?

  • Numerous helps you unlock the value you have as a customer for yourself.

    It puts you back in control of your data and lets you stick a polite two fingers up at the online cowboys who won’t leave you alone. It’s a massive first step towards a fairer digital world.

  • Rather than letting companies steal your personal data, Numerous helps you create your own private data profile.

    This is a detailed picture of who you are as a customer, what you need and like and what you don’t.
    Just answer our quick, fun surveys.

  • Numerous then uses this profile to connect you directly to brands (when you say it’s okay)

    These are brands you can trust, who are offering products and services perfect for you and who share your values. No more drowning in irrelevant ads.

  • We’ll then help you to actually get to know these brands

    With Numerous, there’s no marketing tricks. No “Only 3 left at this price” or “100 people looking at this deal right now!” Instead we give you the information and time to make a really good decision about which perfect brand to buy from.

  • And here’s the best bit: you’ll get paid for doing it.

    Usually, it’s the bad guys making money when you’re connected to brands. Beautifully, with Numerous, it’s you who’ll be paid instead. You’ll be respected and rewarded as the valuable customer you are. All while finding brands you’ll love.

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  • Join the Numerous movement today

    We'd love your help with Numerous. We're in test mode so not all the app is ready. Right now, it’d be amazing if you could sign up, create your personal data profile, refer other people – and let us know what you think of it all.

    You’ll earn points when use the app that you can swap for great rewards in the future. And you’ll queue up cash rewards when you make referrals.

    We’ll start to introduce brands and offers into the app in the coming months – and you’ll be at the front of the queue. This is when we’ll really be able to unlock your value. You’ll earn £££ finding new brands you’ll love.

    And, of course, join now and you’ll be a Founder Member of a movement that will accelerate progress towards a fairer digital world. Bad guys beware!

    Join us today.

    • Numerous is a digital tech company based in Hatfield, the Silicon Valley of Hertfordshire. :)

      We believe that the modern digital economy is full of wonder but riddled with flaws.

      Flaws like the fact that sharing has become surveillance, knowledge is used to manipulate, and the power of personal data - of the uniqueness of each human being - lies in the hands of corporations, not the commons. The result? Alexa knows you better than you know yourself – and people don’t trust the businesses they do business with.

      We want to help change that. We want to accelerate the world’s transition towards a new form of data capitalism where people and companies are in true partnership. Where the relationships people have with the businesses they do business with are fair, consensual and sustainable.

    • It seems like a big challenge. But we’re always up for a challenge. And we think we can best meet that challenge with your help. The more people use Numerous, the more power we’ll have to change the world. And the more value we’ll unlock for every Numerous member.

      We're currently running our beta trial. Only a small number of the features of the app are currently live. But we'd love to have you on board now, to help us test and start to understand you more. We promise to deliver a fantastic experience, to always be ethical and to always be on your side. We'll be rolling out more great features over the coming months, including our brand offers. So join us now to be the first in the queue to enjoy them.

      The Numerous Team