• Numerous is a digital tech company based in Hatfield, the Silicon Valley of Hertfordshire. :)

    We believe that the modern digital economy is full of wonder but riddled with flaws.

    Flaws like the fact that sharing has become surveillance, knowledge is used to manipulate, and the power of personal data - of the uniqueness of each human being - lies in the hands of corporations. The result? Alexa knows you better than you know yourself – and people don’t trust the businesses they do business with.

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  • We want to make sure data is used for good.

    We want to create a new data-sharing economy where people benefit most from the power and value of their own data.  Where personal data is used to deliver amazing, personalised experiences for people, and to create lasting relationships with great businesses under a fair, consensual and sustainable model based on trust.

It seems like a big challenge. But we’re always up for a challenge.

And we think we can best meet that challenge with your help. The more people use Numerous, the more power we’ll have to change the world. And the more value we’ll unlock for every Numerous member.

Join us and we promise to deliver a fantastic experience!

The Numerous app is new and is changing all the time – so look out for great new features over the coming months. But one thing that won’t change is our approach. We’ll always be ethical and we’ll always be on your side. We’ll always act in your best interests. And we’ll always make sure that you are the one who benefits most from the power and value of your personal data..

Meet The Team

Here are the people who’ve made it all happen! Team Numerous! Developers, product experts, marketers, data scientists, customer service gurus. When we’ve got time, we’ll make hilarious avatars for each person, like every other start up does. For now, here’s a lovely photo.