• We're crowdfunding!

    After a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, we're back with an opportunity for investors of any size to come with us on our journey.  

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  • Personal data is incredibly valuable

    In fact, it powers industries worth over £30bn in the UK alone, with the world’s most successful companies all making money by collecting and exploiting customer data.

    In 2019 we set out to change the data economy, to level the playing field and enable consumers to financially benefit from the value of their own data, while giving brands the opportunity to win new customers and deepen their customer insight. 

    Numerous is a digital platform creating a new data sharing economy. 

    Our process is simple: consumers create a data profile and the Numerous AI employs this consensually-shared and highly accurate personal data to connect the right users to the right brands at the right time. For sales, research, insight and more. Brands win new customers and enjoy unique insight. And the financial rewards for sharing their data flow back to the consumer.

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  • Our Beta results

    • Android and IOS app live in app stores
    • 5,000 users who shared nearly 500,000 pieces of personal data, including gender, date of birth, postcode, household composition, household income, attitudes towards risk, sustainability and ethics - and much, much more.
    • Over 400 brand partners now on board from Asos to Sky and everything in between
    • 74% of existing users think Numerous is more relevant following the pandemic

  • Why you should invest

    • UK market opportunity of £30bn
    • EIS Eligible
    • World-class technology built in-house
    • Experienced founding team with a track record for growing digital businesses


Crowdfunding allows us to receive investment from our customers as well as institutional investors via a dedicated online portal. Our crowdfunding campaign is part of a larger funding round and gives our customers and community the opportunity to invest on the same terms as institutional investors and share in our future success.
By investing in us you will own shares in our business.
Yes, every investor will receive shares in Numerous Limited.  The number of shares you receive will be proportionate to the amount that you invest.  The final number of shares issued will be dependent upon the final number of investors and amount of money raised.
Yes, as well as shares in Numerous Limited, investors may also be entitled to a selection of exclusive rewards as an additional perk for investing. These will be disclosed in our business plan.
This round of investment will be used to accelerate our growth by investing in our in-house tech team and marketing.
We are a private limited company, and in common with all such companies, at present there is no public forum for buying and selling shares in the company.  Shares may be bought and sold by private arrangement, however, you must first offer them to other shareholders before transferring them to a single third party at your own expense.
This is a possibility, and it is a circumstance in which you could sell your shares.
Yes. Your investment would qualify for tax relief under HMRC’s and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and Enterprise Investment Scheme. This means that you may be eligible to claim between 50% and 30% of your investment back in the form of income tax relief. Your investment will also be exempt from capital gains tax and inheritance tax. Please note that SEIS and EIS is only eligible to UK taxpayers and you should consult your tax advisor. 
Yes we have a business plan which will be made available to those who pre-register interest in investing.  
This is a long term investment in a fast growing company.  We anticipate that the value of your investment will increase over time, giving you capital growth. The main way that you can make money from your investment is by selling your shares for more than you paid for them.
We are a private limited company, and our shares are therefore not publicly traded at present.  In the event of a future sale of the company you would be able to sell your shares at that stage to the acquiring company. Alternatively, if the business grows to a point where the company management/further institutional investors offer to buy back, you are also likely to be able to sell your shares. 
Disclaimer – Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards.