Our Mission

  • Our Mission

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  • Our mission is to help create a world where the power and value of data benefit everyone.

    Right now it’s big companies who collect your data and sell it other companies who use it to drown you in ads for stuff you don’t need. They benefit but you don’t.

    We think that’s completely wrong.

    So we want to create a new data-sharing economy where we can unlock the power and value of your data for you.

    Where you share data with us on your own terms, and then we use it, when you say it’s okay, to connect you to amazing deals from brands you can love and trust for the long term.

  • Where you earn the huge value your data has. And where you feel the happiness that comes from feeling in control in this crazy digital world we live in.

    The power of the 1%

    There are still plenty of people who can’t enjoy the huge benefits of the digital world. So we donate 1% of the value we unlock to help people from disadvantaged communities get online and unlock their own power and value.

    In the future, you’ll be able to donate some of your own data earnings to a range of good causes too.

    Join our community today.