• What Makes Numerous Unique?

    We want to help you take back control of your personal data

    Companies have always collected and used personal data. But with the rise of the internet came hundreds of different methods for unethical data collection, using it for their own benefit. So much so that, now, every company from obvious ones like Google to car and media companies are all in the business of data collection and exploitation.

    But enough is enough!

    With 80% of consumers frustrated that their data is exploited by others, it’s time for a change. Numerous turns the data economy on its head to use consensually shared personal data to benefit people first.

    So, we want to do some really important things:

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  • Help you control your personal data

    We want to give you control of you control of your personal data. We want to let you choose what to share, who with and when.

  • Introduce a new consumer focused form of price comparison

    We want to connect you directly to quality brands when you want to buy something, so you can say goodbye to irrelevant ads and hello to offerings from the right brands for you!

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  • Manage your current contracts from a single platform

    We want to help you stop overpaying with auto renewing premiums. For the car insurance market alone in 2020 customers were charged over £1.2 billion in loyalty premiums. With Numerous you can set reminders for all your contracts so it’s so much easier to switch.

  • Give you cashback for your data

    We want the value you have as a customer to flow to you and not to anyone else. We want you to be paid for your data, your attention and your custom, not someone else.

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  • Be part of something meaningful focused

    We want to make a change in the digital world by giving consumers back control of their data online. Too many people are having data stolen on a daily basis and we think that’s wrong! The more members who freely share their data with us, the more we’ll able to build ways for our users to unlock the value they have as a customer and put a stop to personal data theft.