• Be valued with Numerous

    Numerous is a brand new free app that helps you unlock the power and value of your own personal data.

    Your personal data is really powerful and really valuable. That’s why every company in the world tries to collect it.  But we can help you unlock that power and value for yourself.

    Install the app now, or carry on reading to find out how.

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  • Take control of your consent

    Numerous helps you quickly and easily create your own personal data profile explaining who you are as a customer - what you like and don't, how you think and feel. 

    We then give you complete control of your consent. You decide who to share your data with, when to share it and for what reason. And the reason will always be that sharing your data is for your benefit.

  • Earn the value of your data

    The internet giants have become rich by selling your data, attention and custom - really, they've become rich by selling you.

    We think that's wrong. Since it's your data that has value, and it's you who's valuable as a customer, we think that value should flow to you. So we'll help you unlock as much value as possible from your data. You'll earn money through Numerous when we use your data to match you with brands. And in the very near future, you'll earn rewards for sharing your data, attention and opinion too.  You'll be able to potentially earn hundreds of pounds a year using Numerous.

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  • Find the perfect brands for you

    Your spend your time online being drowned in ads for stuff you don't want from brands you couldn't care less about. It's annoying.

    We use the information in your Numerous data profile to connect you to a small number of quality brands (when you say it's okay) offering exactly what you need at exactly the right time. We'll do this in a huge range of sectors, everything from home energy to beauty.

    So you won't be drowned in irrelevant ads. Instead you'll enjoy meeting amazing brands on your terms and finding true value. 

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  • Manage your current contracts from a single platform

    Numerous is a great place to store the details of your existing contracts - for home energy, insurance, mobile and more.

    We'll then remind you when a contract is up for renewal and we'll connect you to some alternative suppliers we know you'll like, based on your data profile.

    We'll help you save money by finding better deals, and we'll help you find better brands you can love for the long term.

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  • Be part of something meaningful 

    There are lots of ways to change the world for the better. Creating a new, fair data-sharing economy is one of them.

    Right now, it's huge global corporations that collect, control and make money from your data. They don't use it for your good, they use it for theirs.

    We want to change that. We want you to benefit from the power and value of your own data. So join the Numerous community today. Every new member takes us one step closer to a better world.