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    Numerous uses your unique personal data to help you earn great rewards and find better deals from better brands. Brands that care about you, and that you can care about.

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  • Your data’s being stolen

    Your personal data is harvested every second you’re online. What you search for, where you go, what you buy, what you say. Companies then use your data for their own benefit. They share it. They sell it. They use it to target you with endless adverts for stuff you don’t need from brands you couldn’t care less about. And they get rich doing it.

    We think that’s wrong. So it’s time to put it right.

More Control

Create your own detailed personal data profile in the Numerous app by answering simple questions. It takes minutes, it’s totally secure and you have complete control. We then release your data’s power!

Better Brands

We use your unique data profile to match you with the perfect brands for you. We match on price, products, service quality, sustainability, ethics and more. This way, you’ll find brands you can trust for the long term.


More Reward

And when you buy from these brands, you earn amazing financial rewards. We add on bonuses for sharing your data too. We even reward you for sharing your opinion! It’s your data that powers the system. So it’s you who should be paid.

  • Our Vision

    We believe that people should benefit most from the power and value of data, not companies. And we believe that you CAN find happiness in this crazy digital world we live in: by feeling in control, for once, by feeling valued, by connecting to brands you can love and trust - and by being part of a movement that will change the world for the better.

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    Join the Numerous movement today

    Numerous is a diverse, vibrant community of people who care about privacy, fairness and the satisfaction to be found in doing business with brands you can genuinely love. We believe in creating a brighter future for the digital world, and having fun along the way.

    Install the app today and join us. You’ll be welcomed with open arms. You’ll also get you a welcome pack that explains more about us and how we’re trying to change the world, one piece of personal data at a time.

    Welcome to Numerous!