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  • Don't creep me out
    Personal Data

    Don't creep me out

    Everyone loves a bit of personalisation – the website that remembers your name, or that recommends exactly the right jeans for you. But not, it turns out, at the expense of privacy.…

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  • Data privacy concerns soar during lockdown
    Data Privacy

    Data privacy concerns soar during lockdown

    Pandemics suck, I think we can all agree. Illness, isolation, money worries – and as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also worrying even more about our data privacy.…

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  • What is personal data?

    What is personal data?

    High profile data breaches here, sneaky phishing emails there, security questions when you phone your bank. The idea of personal data – whether its stolen or used to keep you safe – is everywhere.…

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  • Welcome To Numerous

    Welcome To Numerous

    We’re a brand new way to make money from your personal data and to find amazing deals from brands that’ll make you happy.…

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